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Spier Falls

Hydroelectric Work

Hydroelectric and Dam construction is one of the specialized services offered by F. H. Alexander, Inc.

Recent projects include concrete rehabilitation at Spier Falls Hydro Plant and the Sherman Island Plant for Niagara Mohawk Power Co. These projects entailed repairing the sides of several 3 foot diameter, 30 foot-deep vertical concrete shafts. An additional unique and challenging project, among several others for the utility company, included repointing the stone face of the Spier Falls Dam, an eighty foot-high dam originally constructed in 1903.

Another Spier Falls renovation recently completed by F.H. Alexander involved two 18 ton steel intake gates. This project consisted of temporary water control, removal of the gates for renovation, modification of the sealing surfaces, and reinstallation of the gates.

The experience and imagination of management and supervisory personnel has been instrumental in developing safe and innovative methods to accomplish the unique tasks required by these challenging and potentially dangerous projects.