945 and 947 Route 146

945 and 947 Route 146, Medical Office Building Construction

Project Name and Location: 945 and 947 Route 146
Medical Office Park Development
Clifton Park, NY
Client: Dr Robert Carpenter & Dr Lionel Bulford, Dr Stephen Dautel & Richard Pauli
Type of Contract: General Contractor
Contract Amount: $1,288,650
Project Description: Two medical arts buildings on one parcel of land, 4600 and 4100 square feet. 945 houses a medical practice and a financial advisor, and 947 houses a medical practice. Deanna Hitchcock, the project supervisor, remembers “We started in the middle of winter, which was a challenge. We put up the walls before we poured the floor.”
Project Feedback: Saratoga County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, PLLC had rented space and wanted to build their own standalone surgical suite and office facility in Clifton Park. They wanted it to be similar to their facility in Saratoga Springs.

Lisa Gruber, their practice manager, notes, “We wanted an office setting that looks like a living room, to make our patients comfortable right off the bat. The F. H. Alexander group did a very good job with a fireplace, crown molding, and architectural columns. Their people were very pleasant, accessible and knowledgeable – solid. The best was we always knew where we were, and they were as eager to finish the job as we were. They had the same excellent project supervisor onsite from start to finish, who was also a carpenter and would roll up her sleeves when needed.”

When asked if she had any advice for someone planning to build a commercial building, Lisa responded, “Look for people who are willing to put down a work plan in a clear, concise manner, and for knowledgeable staff. The clerical staff and everyone associated with F. H. Alexander is top shelf. Their ability to run a project is paralleled by how they run their own organization. They are very accessible and very appropriate, which is quite refreshing.”