Mexican Radio

Mexican Radio – Restaurant Construction – Project Management

Project Name and Location: Mexican Radio Restaurant
Schenectady, NY
Client: Bread and Roses, LLC
Lori Selden and Mark Young
Type of Contract: Construction Manager / Total Building Renovation
Project Value: $2,500,000
Project Description: Complete interior and exterior renovation of  three buildings, including major structural modifications, keeping old timbers and framing. The project incorporated many custom finishes including custom wrought iron work manufactured in Schenectady.
18,000 square feet, restaurant on two stories; 2,600 square feet, offices.
Project Feedback: Mark Young, co-owner, notes “The FHA team was nice, pleasant and good. There were some challenges, and John Shay, the project manager, was a real pleasure throughout.”

“Construction projects are always stressful. Frank Alessandrini is a straight shooter, which made it a lot easier. We have built other restaurants and that has not always been my experience.”

“My wife designed the space and they worked well with her taking her vision and translating it into something practical. The space required a lot of special metal work and colors and they made it happen. She knows what she wants, but not how to pull it together.”

“After spending $2.5M with FHA, we would definitely use them again. We started with another company and they bickered with us during the courting period. FHA is much better suited to our personality and the way we do business.”

“We got to know them well during the year and a half of construction. We like their people. We like that they have worked for Frank for a long time. I like that with my own people. It speaks to loyalty and treating people with respect. Even my lawyer liked Frank, and she doesn’t say that about everyone. It has been a very positive experience.”