The FHA Difference

Dentist's office

Dentist’s office

You may have had this experience on a previous project: Construction projects are only produced by difficult, unresponsive contractors. Cost Savings can be realized only with adversarial, argumentative, endless meetings with contractors. The owner’s needs might be met even if the construction schedule is not. The work might be completed properly without adequate site supervision – but we doubt it! We approach client relationships our own way … a different way.

Each construction project is unique in both physical and intangible ways. There are many routes and methods to arrive at the finished product. The difference between contractors most often involves the process of getting to that finished product and the quality of that product. Characteristics such as responsiveness, dedication, responsibility, and old fashioned integrity are not as easy to measure as experience and billing volume, but are far more important to a satisfactory relationship between Owner and Contractor.

Our people have the knowledge, experience, skills, and organizational ability to consistently produce projects of the highest quality and our clients will gladly tell you so. We are also dedicated to those intangible qualities which produce exceptionally high caliber working relationships with project owners, design professionals, vendors, and employees.


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According to one of our employees:

“Employees at F. H. Alexander genuinely care about a customer’s concerns and needs. We realize that providing a product to our customers that they are not just satisfied with, but happy with, will ensure [our] longevity. We may be an unusual cast of characters, but one trait is common to all employees who will last at [F. H. Alexander], we care about doing what is right, whether it’s doing work properly or dealing fairly with customers.”

What do our clients say?

“I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the F. H. Alexander Company for a job well done. The construction project to build our medical office complex was completed by the proposed deadline, within budget, and without a hassle. The crew assigned to our building remained helpful, attentive, and understanding, even after completion. I would recommend the F.H. Alexander Company without reservation.”

– Jay a. Kravitz, MD, MPH, Owner, Rotterdam Medical Center

For New Construction, Renovation, Design/Build Contracts, or Construction Management, we have the personnel, skills, and experience to excel. We also have the commitment to client service, which makes all the difference.

Frank H. Alessandrini