Price Chopper

Price Chopper

Client: Golub Corporation
Project Type: Supermarket Renovation
Type of Contract: General Contractor
Project Value: $772,900
Project Description: Major renovation of Niskayuna store while the store remained open.
Project Feedback: F. H. Alexander has worked on several Price Choppers over the years. Scott Kalm, the Price Chopper Project Manager recalls, “This project was a remodel of our Niskayuna store. FHA replaced the ceramic tile flooring, painted the store inside and out, redid the exterior roofing, and created an area for our new Shops 4U home shopping program.  There was also a redo of the floral department and the food service area.”

“It was quite a bit of work in a short period of time. Actually, it bordered on a ridiculous schedule, a three month project compressed into 6 or 7 weeks so we could meet a specific opening date.”

“F.H. Alexander is wonderful. They brought the project in on time, under budget, with good quality – you can’t ask for any more than that. FHA is experienced. Our stores are open 24 hours. This was all late night work; very few contractors are experienced in grocery store renovations. We’ll definitely use them again, no doubt.”

John Shay, the F. H. Alexander Project Superintendent, adds, “This was a very challenging job. We were working in an open supermarket, and everything had to be clean. We replaced all the tile in the store with jack hammers working in a short window from 11 p.m. –  6 a.m. while customers were in the store.”

“The entire project team worked together to complete the project on time with no down time for the store.”